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Warranty/Return Policy

·       All merchandise is guaranteed for a minimum of 90 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise noted. There will be a $50 diagnostic fee charged for any item not found defective. Product will not be returned to customer until unpaid bill is paid.

·       Returns sent from outside the 48 contiguous United States will be credited to your account whenever possible, or returned to you freight collect if necessary.

·       Defective products returned to us in original packaging with ALL accessories will be replaced, repaired, or credited at our discretion. Sorry, No Cash Refunds.

·       Defective product returned to us missing accessories or original packaging will be repaired and returned as received. If credit is issued you will be deducted for the missing parts/accessories.

·       Any Merchandise returned without all components required to operate will not be accepted.

·       Any returned items that can not be warranted must be picked up within 30 days at the customer’s expense. These items include, but are not limited to, product beyond the warranty period, product that is not ours or no record of purchase, product that is not defective, blown woofers, products with serial numbers not purchased from Ramko and product that can’t be warrantied due to damage.

·       Headlight Bulbs, HID or otherwise, are NOT Warranted for Burnout or Breakage.

·       Burnt voice coils on woofers are not a manufacturers defect

·       All local returns are required to be dropped off with a minimum 24 hour processing time.

·       There will be a minimum 15% restocking fee for any new merchandise returned for credit. Restock fee amount is determined at Ramko's discretion.

·       All Returns should be sent freight prepaid to, or dropped of at:

Ramko Distributing

3840 Lagrange St

(Your RMA Number)

Toledo, OH 43612