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Retail Store Ideas

Posted by Jason Billups, JB Associates on 22nd Sep 2014

Hey guys/gals

I usually post something about this time of year to help with sales because we start seeing a transition of different types of foot traffic..Please share if you like Time to RETHINK and capitalize:

As many of you know Fall is here and that means remote start sales are kicking in. You will have a large number, if not the largest number of foot traffic in your store all year. Here are just 3 suggestions for repeat business and tag sales...

1. Make sure you have a sitting area to keep the customers in your shop. Provide USB or plug in stations. A great idea is to use headrest monitors with USB connections for these(If you don’t have this let me know)!! Also show a video of everything you do on the monitors.

2. Make sure your brand is all over the store front..Example if your shop name is Audio Workx then make sure Audio Workx signs with websites, FB links etc are there. Get the customer to interact with what you do!

A simple sign saying “Audio Workx FB check in station..check in and show us for a free Soda!!” …This will be a reminder when they leave.(yes people do remember where they got their RS but may not remember your shop name) but this will get shares too!!

3. Over 75% of your customers will use the bathroom if they stay more than 20 min in your store. Go open your bathroom if it looks like there should be a body sketch on the floor then you have a problem. Clean it, put in a air freshener but at the same time print out specials or new items as posters.